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Alexa Spadafora

Alexa Spadafora

Research, Development, and Quality Assurance Associate

Alexa will enter the fourth year of the University of British Columbia’s Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
program in September 2024. She is currently working in practicum placements in multiple cities across the province, having previously worked in retail pharmacies in Ontario. In fourth year, Alexa’s academic electives focus on community engagement and health promotion, reflecting her dedication to bridging the gap between pharmacy and public health initiatives, enriching both individual lives and communities at large. 

Alexa continues to engage with patients in her everyday work experience by participating in a variety of clinical services: she administers vaccine injections, conducts annual medication reviews, prescribes treatments for minor ailments, and adapts prescriptions. As she begins to build her own career, Alexa shares REEL Outline’s interest in improving patient experiences and creating more effective and efficient solutions for clinical services for pharmacists.

Alexa brings a wealth of recent research and development experience to REEL Outline. Committed to
ensuring the safety and efficacy of medications, Alexa previously worked in quality assurance for a private pharmaceutical company. Currently, she contributes to a team building personalized educational modules and creative patient-facing storyboards for a wide range of clinical services. Initially, her portfolio includes content for the Annual Medication and Minor Ailment Prescribing modules.

Alexa is also involved in the product-testing phase of REEL Outline’s software solutions. Alongside her
teammates, she assesses quality, functionality, and compliance.

In her spare time, Alexa lives an active lifestyle. She regularly plays sports like soccer, tennis, volleyball, and basketball, enjoys nature walks, and often builds her holidays around camping and multi-day hikes.